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A seat at the table, or a spot on the menu?

Negotiation is a process of finding a solution to a question that is acceptable to all parties. It should go without saying that the first step is to actually communicate, setting out to find areas of compromise, and places of … Continue reading

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What to do Vs. What is going on

Experience is hard won, experienced people have an intuition built up over time that is not always obvious, and is certainly not a “by the list” analysis of all the factors, weighing up the relative importance of each, and reaching … Continue reading

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Invention or innovation

These two terms are often used interchangeably, but have a different meaning that I have mumbled about from time to time. This post on the PARC blog in response to Malcolm Gladwells article in the New Yorker is terrific articulation … Continue reading

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Lean accounting

One of the reasons it is sometimes hard to keep a lean initiative alive, or indeed, get it past first base after the initial adrenalin has worn off is the manner in which the traditional accounting systems monitor performance.  Often, … Continue reading

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The core of innovation

How easy it is to believe that the only thing needed for a successful NPD&C process is assets, money, people, time, capabilities, market position, and so on, but how often is it that the real innovations emerge from places where … Continue reading

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The Immediacy trap

“Immediacy” is perhaps the watch-word to describe the way in which our society works.  Communication is so instant that we expect reaction to the communication to be just as quick, and this expectation of virtually instantaneous reaction can be a … Continue reading

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The character of a leader

I listened to the Rugby  League game yesterday between the Broncos and the Raiders, an extraordinary game that the Broncos had won, almost lost, then won in a golden point  “coin toss” For no particular reason, the term “character” came … Continue reading

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