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Small business is wary of social media

 They are.. Just look around at what they are doing. I wish I had written this post.

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Microsoft’s challenges with Skype

It will be worth watching the way Microsoft goes about leveraging their $8.5 Billion (should have paid Aussie dollars?) purchase of Skype, there will be a swarm of lessons to be learnt: Integration of a “free” service into a product/profit … Continue reading

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Lean and 6 sigma revisited

In a recent conversation I again found myself between two smart blokes, one who was a black belt 6 sigma consultant who believed the problems of the world could be fixed by some aggressive, numerical focus on  process improvement, and … Continue reading

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The process of developing solutions

We humans like to do things in a consistent manner, each time we do something, it is comfortable to do it the way we did it before. This is great if the way we have done it delivers the optimal … Continue reading

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Thinking about cloud computing?

Last week I attended a seminar run by a very impressive dissertation on the capabilities they and their partners can bring to bear on the CRM challenges faced by all businesses. Obviously, the objective is to sign you up, … Continue reading

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Re-inventing management

 This video of Gary Hamel discussing the evolution of management is seriously worth watching.

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I have been surprised  a couple of times recently when I realised that two B2B businesses I was working with really had no idea how their ultimate customers used the products  they bought from us. In both cases the products were … Continue reading

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