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Brands work two ways

Most marketers will tell you what their brand stand for, premium quality, reliable¬† performance, consistent taste, great service, and so on. Sounds a bit like a bunch of cliches doesn’t it? However, it is just as valid to define your … Continue reading

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Scenario planning deserves a rethink.

Scenario planning was a popular tool 20 years ago, but seems to have been supplanted by other tools, and priorities, or forgotten. In an increasingly unpredictable world, it makes sense to step back, and consider a range of perhaps unlikely … Continue reading

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Proximity and personal marketing tools: the coming wave

It seems only a short time ago I stumbled across the reality that mobile devices and their GPS capabilities could be used as tools to entice customers in various ways, almost like spruikers outside “that” sort of establishment . Suddenly … Continue reading

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Risk management feeds innovation

¬†This appears to be a counter intuitive statement, but when you think about it, the outcome, innovation is all about directing resources to where they will deliver the best outcome, seeing the opportunity, managing towards a common goal, enhancing the … Continue reading

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The value of forced isolation

This note is being written on a plane, somewhere over Asia in the middle of a long flight to the UK to see a few who can contribute to my store of knowledge, and hopefully I to theirs. It is … Continue reading

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Managing virtual teams.

Management structures have flattened and globalised at the same time, radically changing the way collaboration happens. Now virtual teams work across all sorts of boundaries, and have created a new set of challenges. Traditional management simply does not work effectively, … Continue reading

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Management and leadership

Management and leadership are not the same. For years I have advocated this self evident truth, and occasionally something comes along to confirm, again, the essential truth that leaders lead, and managers just take care of the details. Leadership in … Continue reading

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