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A tale of “Either/or” and “Both/and”

Typically, we see things in an “either/or” context, you can do one thing at the expense of another, take your choice!. You can have line efficiency, or line flexibility, not both, advertising reach  or frequency against a narrow target, but … Continue reading

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“Adverfanning”, a new marketing challenge.

Advertising has a new coat, “adverfanning” as in advertising to attract “fans” for your social site, who are then the target of directed or “Permission Marketing“, a term coined by Seth Godin over a decade ago. Adverfanning has been growing … Continue reading

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Laugh to succeed

When was the last time you saw people around the water cooler laughing like a bunch of kids, in work-time? Did you think that perhaps they were being frivolous, wasting the organisations time? If you did, you would not be … Continue reading

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Opportunity cost and value

Opportunity cost is a concept well understood, and often used in a theoretical sense, but not often is it translated into something easily understood. In a store just before Christmas, I was tossing up between two brands of domestic coffee … Continue reading

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The “F” generation

Yes, another  alphabetically numerated generation for us to get our heads around, the F of “Facebook” generation. These kids, born in the mid eighties, have grown up connected. To them, Facebook is more than a tool, it is a part … Continue reading

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