Innovation at Google speed.

The verb “to Google” took only a few years to emerge as Google changed the world around us.

 Peter Norvig was Google’s research director from its early days, playing a key role in building the phenomenon that is Google.

His basic thesis is that you must be prepared to experiment extensively, and be wrong often, indeed, celebrate being wrong, as that is the way to learn.

However, mistake tolerance can be a two edged sword if the same mistakes keep getting made, and no-one pays the piper. An acceptance of repeated similar mistakes, clearly where no learning has taken place is hugely counter-productive, but not far removed from the desired culture of mistake tolerance so valued by successful innovators like Google.


About strategyaudit

StrategyAudit is a boutique strategy and marketing consultancy concentrating on the challenges of the medium sized manufacturing businesses that make up the backbone of our economy. The particular focus is on their strategic and marketing development. as well as the business and operational efficiency improvements necessary for day to day commercial survival. We not only give advice, we go down "into the weeds" to ensure and enable implementation.
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