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Solution or counter-measure

Applying a band-aid to a problem, a measure to counter the impact of a problem is often an attractive short term option, particularly to a management  measured in the traditional way on output, to whom stopping a line is heresy.  … Continue reading

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Enterprise productivity

Measuring productivity involves a combination of hard and soft measures, the soft ones being both the critical ones and the ones that have most impact. In 15 years of consulting across a range of businesses and industries, I have come … Continue reading

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A bit over a year ago, I conducted a “brainstorming” session designed to stir the creative juices amongst marketers and engineers in a fairly specialised manufacturing company. We did all the usual stuff, breakouts, whiteboards, butcher-paper, mixed in with some … Continue reading

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The parable of ‘Leaks and Horses.

Julian Assange has thrown the cat amongst the pigeons, but it was always going to happen at some time. The transparency capability delivered by the web has forever changed most commercial operations. It is naive to think that so called “classified” … Continue reading

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3 questions to drive sales focus.

It is usually easier to find more business with existing customers that it is to find new ones, or to devote the resources to reducing customer churn. Nevertheless, most enterprises overspend their limited resources seeking new customers at the expense of their existing customers.  … Continue reading

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Website hyperbole

  It is amazing how many sites I visit claim least one of a few hyperbolic options: We have a “unique” solution, We are the “industry leader”, We have an “innovative approach” We offer the “best value” These claims mean … Continue reading

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Lean lessons from the pub

Last Friday night I was in a small local club with a client, co-incidentally as they had the weekly member  “badge-draw” which had jackpotted to $19,000. As you can imagine the joint was packed, it took 20 minutes lining up  … Continue reading

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