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The four challenges of collaboration.

When all the verbiage is removed, there seems to be four great challenges to effective collaboration, irrespective in my experience of the specific environment in which the collaboration takes place. The need to be cross functional, which cuts across all … Continue reading

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Data free zone of innovation.

By definition, Innovation exists in situations where there is little information available to make an objective assessment of risk, rather than one where you can assemble a range of data to make that risk assessment. Submitting innovation ideas to a … Continue reading

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Riding the skunk.

“Skunk works” is a term most are familiar with, indeed, so familiar that the pros and cons, and the do’s and don’ts are debated endlessly. Weather a Skunk team separated from the main operations of an enterprise “delivers”  or not … Continue reading

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Communities of interest and practice

A community of practice used to mean a small group of specialists who engaged in face to face consideration of issues of mutual interest, resulting in innovative solutions to issues concerning their area of speciaisation. Interaction between “connectors” with similar … Continue reading

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Peer production.

What a nice term to describe the process of improvement that can occur in a voluntary manner, where the reward is not monetary, but the recognition of peers that you made a contribution to a worthwhile outcome. The value of … Continue reading

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Manual Vs Electronic

Last week talking to a colleague, we agreed that a skill that seems to have been lost in the rush to electronic aids is being able to look at a bunch of numbers and know if it is approximately right … Continue reading

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The Australian myth.

The new focus on Rural and regional Australia (R&RA) in the current  parliament has great merit in ways hard to quantify. The nature of “Brand Australia”, how we see ourselves,  has always been about the wide brown land, the sunburnt … Continue reading

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