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Print or electronic, not really either/or

A Wall Street Journal op-ed by Eric Schmidt, chairman of Google  argues that the demise of printed media, particularly newspapers and magazines is as much a result of their own hubris as it is the advent of new media, and that … Continue reading

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The next billions

In Australia, we are considering  the NBN, and the impact it will have, and argue about the best way to deliver it, cost effectively. A further debate should be the impact of connecting the billions of people in the world … Continue reading

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Innovation at web speed.

“Open source innovation” is rapidly becoming an accepted strategy, an increasing trend as the communication tools on the net make it progressively easier, and people think up new ways to use them. Eric Von Hippel     a professor at MIT wrote … Continue reading

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Sell the problem

Watching The Gruen Transfer a couple of weeks ago, one of the panelists quoted one of the oldest adages in marketing, ‘Sell the problem” as if it was a revelation. Fact is, addressing the problem is often forgotten as marketers … Continue reading

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Mutuality and network development

  Social networks have boomed, tools to enable the networks abound, MySpace, twitter, face book et al being the most  well known, but many more fail than succeed, and they do so based on the degree of mutuality that exists. … Continue reading

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Focus on the process.

Focusing attention holistically on a whole  process, end to end, and the productivity of the process will improve, improving the outcome. When you focus just on the outcome, all you get is the opportunity to improve the efficiency of the … Continue reading

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Value of the human brain Vs Cost of the hands.

In any environment, those on the front lines see ways to complete a task easier, faster, cheaper, better, simply because they are doing it all the time,  it is just that we usually do not listen enough when the front … Continue reading

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