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Fact and hyperbole.

It is often pretty easy recognise marketing hyperbole when we see it, particularly in a category where we have some knowledge. However, in a category where we have no knowledge, it probably is not as easy to pick the fact … Continue reading

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Statistics and thinking

A statistical analysis should give a black and white answer, and it does, but the answer is only as good as the information that is used, and the manner in which it is used. It follows then that the application … Continue reading

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To improve health, get Lean

In the last federal budget there was money allocated to the task of digitising health records allocated,  and there was some pretty unedifying comment on the amount, the progress to date, and the implications on privacy. What dross. Australian health … Continue reading

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The original takes the premium

The easier it is to quantify, the less it will be worth. This appears to be a pretty harsh judgment, but the reality is that if you can quantify and standardise something, it can be copied. This is the case, … Continue reading

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Peak oil?

We are pretty familiar with the notion of “Peak Oil” the point at which the consumption of oil is greater than the rate of discovering new sources, giving us a doomsday outcome at a calculatable point in the future, but … Continue reading

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Walk and talk marketing

Those who say one thing and do another have always been at risk of being found out. Now, the capabilities of the net make it virtually inevitable, with the downside risk to your brand being multiplied by the probability of … Continue reading

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Proximity enables engagement

As a group, you may not like something. A style of music, a literary style, a type of product, a group of people, but when you see one of the group individually, and find you like it, or them, the … Continue reading

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