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Paradox of choice.

So much choice in everything we do, isn’t that great? Maybe not. There is so much choice in most things that now we are running the risk of paralysis, procrastination, and often, we just walk away. Barry Schwartz, a psychologist … Continue reading

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Money is just a scoring mechanism.

People stress over money, how much they have, how hard it is to make it, what others make, how much the house is worth, how much the share portfolio has tanked, and so on. The reality is that money is … Continue reading

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Wal-Mart, Woolworths and logistics.

In Australia, the major chains are seeking ways to expand their scope of activities, and staying within the Trade Practices Act is increasingly difficult given the dominance of the “big two”, and now the “rest” have further consolidated with the … Continue reading

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Lean manufacturing and Demand chains.

Two differing approaches to management improvement you may think? Not so. Both require extensive: * Collaboration, * Transparency, * Robust processes, * A set of values imbued through an individual organisation, and group of  organisations in a demand chain,  * Respect … Continue reading

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“Values”. What does it mean?

“Values” is a widely misused term, one that is often a key break out subject at the annual senior management off site session, subject to sage pronouncements, then usually ignored. Having participated, and more recently facilitated many of these sessions over … Continue reading

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Innovation in Afghanistan.

Straying from my usual “beat” I read the Rolling Stone article that caused the downfall of General Stanley McChrystal, the US commander in Afghanistan. It seems to me that he was fired, not because he was insubordinate, but because he … Continue reading

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The power of candor

Jeff Immelt, CEO of GE, the worlds largest manufacturing company recently made some unflattering remarks about the Chinese and US leadership, and has been widely pilloried. What happened to freedom of speech? We seem to have become immune to the … Continue reading

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