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Busy is not the same as important

As a young bloke, I was given a “XY” graph that had “urgent, not urgent, important, not important” on the axes as a personal management tool.  I was advised  to concentrate my effort on the “Important, not urgent” quadrant, as … Continue reading

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Sclerosis of policy

Listening to the PM and Opposition leader the other day, “debating” the future of health care in this country, I felt a bit woozy. One of the biggest items in the budget, and certainly the item of huge interest to … Continue reading

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Not “If” but “When”

The phenomena of social media is one that businesses need to understand, and be ready to respond when, rather than if, it gets difficult. The Nestle Facebook page has been overrun by new “fans” after the publicity surrounding their practices … Continue reading

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Where next for wool?

Australia rode on the sheeps back in the 50’s, but in the 70’s & 80’s the sheep turned nasty, and we mostly got off, having lost our pricing power through the competitive growth of synthetics, and strategic stupidity.  When we … Continue reading

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Forensic marketing

Yarning to an old mate last week, the usual wide ranging stuff you examine with someone you know well, he said “you know, what you do is forensic marketing, exhuming the deeply held assumptions that distort the outcomes, simplifying  the … Continue reading

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Canute sees the light.

Guvera, an Australian start-up,  has evolved a business model that is a bold but necessary experiment for the music industry. Music downloads from the site will be free, paid for by advertisers who get the opportunity to connect with consumers … Continue reading

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Common sense, not so common.

  Sometimes academic research evolves to support what common sense has told us for years. A standard phrase in the marketing lexicon is “look at it from the customers perspective” an obvious and logical strategy, not often used for a … Continue reading

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