Green is now mainstream

Like it or not, “Green” is now mainstream, and the market, not the motley bunch of politicians, bureaucrats, activists, and assorted hangers-on who showed up to the failed Copenhagen party, will determine what happens.

Make no mistake, this is a seismic change in nature of economic activity that is evolving far more rapidly than those who seek to extract “rent” from it can change the rules to effectively charge the rent.

Al Gore fronted  “An Inconvenient Truth” the documentary which won two Oscars in 2007 (best documentary, best original song) simultaneously with credible economic and political muscle being put behind the notion of global warming, and the stick was pushed into the ants-nest. Concurrently, Prius was a runaway sales success, Slow food & food miles suddenly emerged, Carbon foot-print became a board issue, and Wal-Mart decreed all products on its shelves would have a carbon score displayed, and the ants were running everywhere.

Smart investment is being funneled into development of sustainable/renewable  energy technologies from solar, wind, “clean” coal, and those that use energy are seeking ways to minimise use without compromising productivity.

Under these circumstances, the best thing for the rent-seekers to do is stand back, and try to garner some of the credit when it emerges, as they can have little impact on the technical revolution that is happening around them.



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