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The hardest bit

Yesterday, I wrote about the process jig-saw that supports an implemented ERP system as it works to drive efficiency, but deliberately left out the hardest bit. The most challenging changes necessary to make an ERP implementation deliver the value promised are the behavioural … Continue reading

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Sales & Operational Planning processes summarised

Talking to a client last week about his S&OP processes, (or lack of them despite the software) I realised that we were both using English, but were talking a different language. This is often a challenge in S&OP implementations, and … Continue reading

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Demand chains as the competitive differentiator.

We can learn a lot about supply chain management from successful retailers. To be successful, generally they have identified their logistics chains as a key source of competitive advantage and they work on it. Their business model depends on having … Continue reading

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A strong sense of purpose.

It is not the words of a company vision that count, as much as the conversation that goes on around the water cooler about the purpose of an organisation. The notion of including all personnel in a conversation about business … Continue reading

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Forecasts are not predictions.

If you want a prediction, go to the lady in the tent at the local fair. If you want a forecast, talk to those who have an intimate knowledge of the drivers of the outcomes you are seeking to forecast. … Continue reading

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Questions sell.

Selling is all about finding the way your product can add value to your prospective customer greater than the price you are asking for it.  Why is it then that most selling activities I see are the commercial equivalent of … Continue reading

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Marketing focus.

It is easy to see opportunities outside the “home base” often easier than seeing them close to home. However, success comes with exploiting potential in existing markets before you “export” resources to chasing new ones. Chase market penetration, cost reduction, … Continue reading

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