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BHAG or wishful thinking?.

There is a growing trend driven by the difficult times for management to set very big goals (Big Hairy Audacious Goals… BHAG),and hope to create the focus necessary to achieve the BHAG outcome. Often however, the opposite appears to occur, … Continue reading

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The questionable value of numbers.

ModelingĀ  scenarios has become a pretty big business, but notice that you often get only the numbersĀ  out of the end of the model, rarely the assumptions that drive the outcomes, and rarely a range of options. This has been … Continue reading

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Status quo defense as a profit detector.

Aggressive defense of the status quo by powerful firms, or a consortia of firms in some sort of industry lobby body often indicates a fat profit plum ripe for the plucking, or a closed shop that protects inefficiency. Perhaps they … Continue reading

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Lead from the rear.

Two meetings in two days that demonstrated to me one of the key attributes of a leader. The first, the group shut up until the leader said his piece, making sure everyone in the room knew he had a strongly … Continue reading

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The other CV

Most people spend a lot of time polishing their CV’s, particularly whe they are on the lookout for an alternative role. However, how relevent is the paper CV in the age of the cyber-presence? The first thing a prospective employer … Continue reading

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Transaction and opportunity costs, 2 sides of the coin.

Transaction costs occur when you do something, opportunity costs, even harder to measure, occur when you do nothing. Transaction costs are well hidden inside the activities that take place in your business, and short of introducing activity costing, are usually … Continue reading

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Moore’s law finds other uses.

Intel co-founder Gordon Moore, used a graph 40 years ago to predict the rate of growth in IT capacity by stating his belief that the number of transistors that could be put onto a chip would double every two years. … Continue reading

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