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Sometimes you come across a web site that intrigues, informs, and attracts you again and again. For me, TED is such a site, and within these sites, there are things to which you return for all sorts of often personal reasons.

On the TED site (amongst many fantastic presentations) is a presentation by Sir Ken Robinson, which is thought provoking, funny, relevant, and informing. I was prompted to watch it again this morning when considering the impact of the $ being spent by the Australian Government on the appearance of Australian schools, (gates, painting, new halls, etc) and the political debate surrounding the spending of this money, summarised as necessary short term stimulus to the economy, and doing something useful with the money. Hard to argue, but most of the money appears to be going to contractors who use it to buy units on the Gold Coast (this assertion came from a real conversation in a pub with such a person, but a sample of one in politics makes a truth, we all know that). 

Long term we need to be thinking hard about the sort of education we want our kids to have, and how best to deliver that outcome. A painted class-room is useful, but it does not address evolution of the  underlying philosophy of what we are delivering, just the delivery mechanism.

Sir Ken, if I may call him that, asks some questions I would like to see answered. In addition, when you have watched it, you will have seen a sublime example of how to use personal  presentation skills at a public forum as a way of making an argument. Not a Powerpoint in sight!!

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