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Silver lining

  In a downturn, the volume of low priced stuff increases, & as consumers reward themselves, some stuff a the “top end” also does well. Beware if you are in the middle,  and not the lowest cost producer, both your … Continue reading

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Marketing Audit

The following is a letter published in the Journal of thre Australian Institute of Company Directors in their December 08 Annual report. Very few businesses make a serious attempt at an audit of the returns from marketing expenditure. Why … Continue reading

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No longer masses

  You can no longer market to the anonymous masses, they’re no longer anonymous and they’re certainly no longer masses, but an agglomeration of individuals. You can only market to people who are willing participants, so the marketing task is to identify  that … Continue reading

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learn from sport

 Being good at any sport takes practice, and significant effort to improve the way things are done to get  better, and we constantly and consistently measure the outcome of the effort, review the impact of changes, and vary the training regime … Continue reading

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The scalpel or the axe?

  Take a scalpel to your costs , not an axe, make sure the costs you cut are not the ones necessary to add value to the 20% of your customers that typically deliver 80% of the profits. The temptation … Continue reading

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Is the customer always right?

  The most difficult word in the English language for a small business owner is “no”. In most cases, it needs practice, the customer,(or worse) the potential customer is not always right, at least, right for you. Be careful, be … Continue reading

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Help for small business

The following is a response sent to the Australian Financial review commenting on their front page lead on April 2. The extent to which the various authorities impose burdens on businesses whilst seeking to assist is mind-boggling, but what is … Continue reading

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