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Share of wallet.

SOW is a simple but powerful concept for both consumer and B2B markets. How much of a customers spending on products you could supply, actually comes your way, Vs going to a competitor? how much of their “wallet” to you get? … Continue reading

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This one or that.

  Success always means making choices… which customer, which market, which price point, which channel, and so on. The key is to actually make the choice after the appropriate analysis, and commit to it, whilst remaining sufficiently alert and agile … Continue reading

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Information itself is no longer power.

 In the past, those who held the information held the power, no longer is it so clear cut. Now, we have so many options opened up to us that the sharing of information is the new power, as information attracts … Continue reading

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Them or us?

  Many people who run businesses obsess about the competition to the extent that it impacts on their own strategic development. They watch what competitiors do, aggressively match them, and set out to beat them at their own game. Often the better answer is … Continue reading

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5 steps to improving performance.

 As a boy my dad used to say “everybody makes mistakes, only a fool makes the same one twice” There are now many learned tomes written and sold that offer similar advice, boiled down, “learn from your mistakes”. You do … Continue reading

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what is a demand chain

Most are familiar with the notion of supply chains, and describe them as assembling product, of some type, and moving it through a series of points where it often receives further investment in packaging and processing, to a customer of … Continue reading

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berry jam and the long tail

 The explosion of media options in the last 5-10 years is giving small businesses options they did not have in the age of mass media, mass marketing. The recession will drive a continuing growth in alternative media at the expense … Continue reading

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